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December 29, 2010

Using Social Media to Communicate the Risks in Social Media

There is nothing more appropriate than fighting fire with fire.  Unless it is water.
The hot topic amongst us marketing people is “Social Media.”
Everyone wants to figure out how to use social media to hit the home run with their marketing communications.  While nearly everyone claims to be experts; the reality …Read the Rest

Genealogy Replaces Community
June 25, 2010

Genealogy Replaces Community

It seems like everyone is doing genealogy these days.
There are television shows and lots of on-line resources that make the …Read the Rest

Feeds: What Are They Good For?
March 24, 2010

Feeds: What Are They Good For?

Most people don’t seem to know what you’re talking about when you say RSS.
“Feeds” sometimes get a nod or a …Read the Rest

Blog Pimping
July 22, 2009

Blog Pimping

My new career seems to be pointed toward Blog Pimping.  Why, you might ask?  Okay, pretend you did.
It is of …Read the Rest

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