Interstitials are short programs that run in time that would otherwise be used for PSAs or station promos.

We take available communication media and merge this with the Calexis media and production expertise to create added value. Here is what we did for Subway Restaurants.

Subway Interstitials

» Key Problem

Subway could not make any claims regarding weight loss or improved health in Canada due to regulations that classify weight control as a medical treatment. Weight loss was fueling U.S. brand growth. At the same time, Calexis was looking for ways of getting more media exposure for dollars invested.

» Strategy

Calexis created "Health in a Heartbeat", a series of four Calextitials featuring well known Subway spokesman, Jared Fogle, who has lost 245 pounds eating Subway sandwiches, and Dr. Larry Patrick, Director of the London (Ontario) Cardiac Fitness Institute.

The pair discussed healthier eating and living which included less fat in your diet. This approach is consistent with Subway's "7 Sandwiches with less than 6 grams" of fat message. Four TV commercials were developed and shot on low cost video to look editorial at a cost of about $75,000.

» Market Results

Our average market wide sales increased between 11% and 36% during the period these spots ran.

» Executional Elements

"Health in a Heartbeat" aired nationally on CTV. These Calextitials were picked up by local Subway advertising agencies across the country for local use. Subject matter for the CalextitialsTM included: Sneaky Fats, Extra Block, Little Choices, Women's Hearts. Calexis also developed and executed a support website