Subway Special Olympics

» Key Problem

Subway was looking for a national charity sponsorship that would provide local community involvement and a positive advertisable relationship.

» Solution

Calexis negotiated a national sponsorship agreement with Special Olympics Canada for a fund-raiser day. Calexis designed the structure of the fund-raising to accommodate the unique Subway franchise system organization.

» Creative Strategy

Calexis TV, radio and print execution was based on a creating a balance of emphasis for Subway and the Special Olympics Charity. Subway has a responsible approach to fast food with healthy options and a responsible approach to the community as expressed in its support for Special Olympics. It was important that the charity not overwhelm the Subway Fresh Food message.

» Market Results

In its first year, the first ever national fundraiser for the Subway system in Canada, almost $250,000 was raised for Special Olympics.

» Executional Elements

Calexis developed all in store materials including a bi-lingual training booklet that explained the requirements of the day to the more than 2,000 Subway franchisees across the country. Tips and assistance were provided to help individual franchisees extend the program through local store marketing with appearances of local sports celebrities, T-shirt production, public relations and more. National television, radio and print were developed to insure a broad level of awareness for the program.

» Key Strategic Insights

All creative should clearly link the advertiser and the charity and make sure that neither dominates the advertising. The organization of a national charity day requires a structure where execution is simple and provides incentives for all parties to be successful.