Geppetto Management

Everyone who has ever managed people should aim to be a “Geppetto Manager.” In the famous Italian story, retold by Disney, Geppetto was the old woodcarver who made a wooden marionette named Pinocchio. Pinocchio, the puppet, dreams of becoming a real boy. The story is about how Pinocchio learns to have a conscience and then,… Read More »

Trying to Introduce Capitalism

A freelance assignment in Hungary came up in 1989. The country was just breaking free from Russian domination and communism. A bank in Budapest, called DunaBank, wanted to launch a credit card. I was hired based on my marketing work with Texaco’s credit card operation, and the fact that Canada was less scary and more… Read More »

We Closed the Border, in a Canadian Way

When I attended the University of British Columbia, I helped organize a protest against the US testing of nuclear weapons in Amchitka, a tectonically unstable Alaskan island in the Pacific Ocean close enough to the fault lines to be of concern. Our fear was an earthquake and then a tsunami could be created by the… Read More »

Country? What’s a Country?

We posted this blog in 2010 as a commentary on the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Not much has changed in the dozen years since and the question still remains. Much has been said this year about the “Chinese” athletes from North America, and the Canadian bobsledder who won gold for the U.S. and many others.The blog… Read More »

What’s the Real Price?

When buying a new car in the US, you are given two prices on the vehicle as you browse: Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and Market Adjusted Price (MAP). Why?  MSRP is required disclosure on all vehicles and is commonly called the “sticker price.”  It used to be an anchor price that told buyers what… Read More »