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Wearing the New Jersey

As Super Bowls, Stanley Cups and other championships roll around, it is interesting to see so many people wearing the jerseys or replicant jerseys of their favourite teams and players.  It is a new thing. Even putting names on the backs of jerseys is a relatively new thing and not all teams even add them.… Read More »

The Making of a Catastrophe

Most catastrophes come about through the concurrence of a number of errors, not just a single one.  Our brains like to believe in single causes; our brains have challenges dealing with complexities. When we hear that an Earthquake on the Iran/Iraq border killed thousands, we resolve to stay away from earthquakes or Iran.  But earthquakes… Read More »

Boomers Turn the World into a Curmudgeon

Have you noticed how everyone is crabby and crotchety these days?  It is the Baby Boomers’ fault. The Boomers have always transformed the texture of society ever since they arrived en masse after WWII. They transformed popular music, fashion styles and redefined society as they reached adulthood. They added the energy and enthusiasm of youth… Read More »