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The Day the Junos Went Public

The Juno Awards was an annual private music industry awards ceremony for insiders, wearing tuxedos and gowns, until 1995. The organization that put it on was the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS). They had this crazy idea that they should be making money from it rather than losing or at best breaking even. Enter Jacques… Read More »

Narcissism of Small Differences

How many times have clients asked us to change fonts, change colour shades, change layouts… I couldn’t count every time this has happened.  Small adjustments get deemed important by those suggesting them.  And in conversation become more and more important.  Sometimes it allows people to think they have made some impact on the project. It… Read More »

Shooting with Flex-ibility

One of the broadcast laws in Venezuela, back in the day, meant we had to shoot commercials using local Venezuelan talent.  One of our clients, Revlon, was a stickler for having their commercials look as exactly like their worldwide creative as possible. Nevertheless, these had to be re-shot locally. One commercial to re-shot was for… Read More »

Commercials That We Don’t Believe

Which commercials do you believe?  Too few! Many commercials are produced these days with little effort to maintaining the premise that their message is actually believable. Maybe we gave up trying to make them believable.  But when commercials are more believable, they are more persuasive. There are three qualities that contribute to believability: expertise, trustworthiness,… Read More »

Your Job Is Easy; My Job Is Hard

It is quite amazing how easy your job is.  Just ask someone who doesn’t do it. At the same time, from your point of view, their job is amazingly easy. We get this every day in advertising because with digital tools it is not that challenging to make something that looks like an ad.  But… Read More »

Context Is Almost Everything In Advertising

We have seen a lot of commercials that just don’t sell.  One reason can be the context of the message. By context, I meant the executional elements that round out the message and provide a framework for it. The strategy might be “Tide cleans clothes better.” But there needs to be an execution around that… Read More »

How To Evaluate Advertising Creative

What are the secrets to assessing a creative presentation when your agency shows you the work?  It is no secret.  It is just a discipline to learn. I just got back from the presentation of a new ad.  The client did very well.  He knew how to evaluate the presented material and his questions and… Read More »