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Haida Gwaii Final Days

There was more to Haida Gwaii than the ruins of the Haida villages like SGang Gwaay.  We also visited Tanu (T’aanuu llnagaay) the burial place of well known Haida artist, Bill Reid.  We also visited Skedans (Koona Llnaagay which means “Village at the Edge” – note the word for village is sometime written llanagaay, llnagaay, llnaagay because Haida is essentially an… Read More »

Voyage To SGang Gwaay

We travelled to the farthest western edge of Canada.  Past where the continent ends, there is an archipelago of islands out in the Pacific that used to be called the Queen Charlotte Islands.  Now it is called Haida Gwaii.  It is no easy task to get there. We drove from Vancouver up the Fraser River… Read More »

The Cop Is a Canadian Too!

I was driving along on a city street in my car, speaking, hands free, to a friend in California.  As we were talking an ancient Ford Model T pulled in front of me. The Model T was in amazing condition and it toodled along in front of me as we pulled up to a light… Read More »