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The Cop Is a Canadian Too!

I was driving along on a city street in my car, speaking, hands free, to a friend in California.  As we were talking an ancient Ford Model T pulled in front of me. The Model T was in amazing condition and it toodled along in front of me as we pulled up to a light… Read More »

Me and Koolio Down in the Jungle

It was the middle of the summer of 1978, I had just taken a job working with Grey de Venezuela, an advertising agency in Caracas, Venezuela. The appeal to me was for some control.  I had been working in massive agencies in New York City where I was just another brick in the wall.  In… Read More »

Never Introduce a Product Without the Product

On October 17, 2018, the Canadian government legalized cannabis.  The federal government left it up to the provinces to figure out distribution but it seems like no one really did the marketing calculations right. In Ontario, for example, orders are going unfilled despite a move to throttle demand by limiting distribution until next April.  The… Read More »

How Mustaches Can Screw Up Commercial Shoots

In honour of November being Mustache Month for Prostate Cancer, here are two stories about how mustaches have screwed up commercial shoots for me. First case was a Mr. Clean commercial we shot. It was a typical Procter & Gamble commercial. Lady of the house uses Mr. Clean to leave her house looking bright and… Read More »

The Day the Junos Went Public

The Juno Awards was an annual private music industry awards ceremony for insiders, wearing tuxedos and gowns, until 1995. The organization that put it on was the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS). They had this crazy idea that they should be making money from it rather than losing or at best breaking even. Enter Jacques… Read More »

Shooting with Flex-ibility

One of the broadcast laws in Venezuela, back in the day, meant we had to shoot commercials using local Venezuelan talent.  One of our clients, Revlon, was a stickler for having their commercials look as exactly like their worldwide creative as possible. Nevertheless, these had to be re-shot locally. One commercial to re-shot was for… Read More »

Your Job Is Easy; My Job Is Hard

It is quite amazing how easy your job is.  Just ask someone who doesn’t do it. At the same time, from your point of view, their job is amazingly easy. We get this every day in advertising because with digital tools it is not that challenging to make something that looks like an ad.  But… Read More »