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Your Job Is Easy; My Job Is Hard

It is quite amazing how easy your job is.  Just ask someone who doesn’t do it. At the same time, from your point of view, their job is amazingly easy. We get this every day in advertising because with digital tools it is not that challenging to make something that looks like an ad.  But… Read More »

Context Is Almost Everything In Advertising

We have seen a lot of commercials that just don’t sell.  One reason can be the context of the message. By context, I meant the executional elements that round out the message and provide a framework for it. The strategy might be “Tide cleans clothes better.” But there needs to be an execution around that… Read More »

Sports and Loss of Spontaneity

Ratings seriously are off for NFL games this year and there are lots of theories why.  The tumultuous US election is one reason being offered.  That was a wilder reality show than the average NFL game.  And people love the spontaneity of those reality shows. But could that be the only reason? One of the reasons… Read More »

Between, Between and Drink a Chair

Be careful with translations.  Relying on Google or any other digital translation can bring you problems,  Not just small mistakes; but mistakes where the meaning is jumbled up and confusing. Effectively using a language that you to communicate with customers requires understanding the cultural context that it comes in. The title of this blog is… Read More »

PART V: Seek Professional Help for Advertising

PART V of V: 5 Advertising Mistakes Retailers Make Ever go into a car dealership and ask the sales guy to tune your engine?  You don’t really think that he/she would know how to do it, do you? Sales people sell cars they don’t provide highly technical engine adjustments.  The dealership has trained mechanics for… Read More »