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Between, Between and Drink a Chair

Be careful with translations.  Relying on Google or any other digital translation can bring you problems,  Not just small mistakes; but mistakes where the meaning is jumbled up and confusing. Effectively using a language that you to communicate with customers requires understanding the cultural context that it comes in. The title of this blog is… Read More »

Logic Can Be Confusing in Advertising

Our brains really don’t understand math all that well.  And I am not talking about the average person’s ability to solve quadratic equations. As mentioned in earlier blogs, our brains can be easily fooled.  And advertising is there to make our clients look good, sometimes with shifty logic. As advertisers, for example, we can take… Read More »

Boomers Turn the World into a Curmudgeon

Have you noticed how everyone is crabby and crotchety these days?  It is the Baby Boomers’ fault. The Boomers have always transformed the texture of society ever since they arrived en masse after WWII. They transformed popular music, fashion styles and redefined society as they reached adulthood. They added the energy and enthusiasm of youth… Read More »