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Naming Things: An Advertising Solution

Human beings have an obsession for naming things.  This is not surprising since it is the basis of all society, all language and all communications. We name ourselves first.  We grow up knowing our labels and very few of us change those labels.  This is us adding our own version of metatags with each choice… Read More »

PART V: Seek Professional Help for Advertising

PART V of V: 5 Advertising Mistakes Retailers Make Ever go into a car dealership and ask the sales guy to tune your engine?  You don’t really think that he/she would know how to do it, do you? Sales people sell cars they don’t provide highly technical engine adjustments.  The dealership has trained mechanics for… Read More »

PART I: Running Redundant Redundant Advertising

PART I of V: 5 Advertising Mistakes Retailers Make We have been creating advertising for retailers for years. But we have always wondered why so many retailers insist on repeating someone else’s job. Imagine, people who are notoriously careful with their funds – car dealers who haggle with their manufacturers in a tooth and nail… Read More »