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What’s the Real Price?

When buying a new car in the US, you are given two prices on the vehicle as you browse: Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and Market Adjusted Price (MAP). Why?  MSRP is required disclosure on all vehicles and is commonly called the “sticker price.”  It used to be an anchor price that told buyers what… Read More »

Wearing the New Jersey

As Super Bowls, Stanley Cups and other championships roll around, it is interesting to see so many people wearing the jerseys or replicant jerseys of their favourite teams and players.  It is a new thing. Even putting names on the backs of jerseys is a relatively new thing and not all teams even add them.… Read More »

What’s In a Blog Post

After a few hundred blog posts, for myself and others, I might have learned a little on how to put a good post together.  So here are a few tips for anyone starting or considering putting a blog together. It is really quite simple if you stick to some easy rules: Have a Snappy headline… Read More »

The Making of a Catastrophe

Most catastrophes come about through the concurrence of a number of errors, not just a single one.  Our brains like to believe in single causes; our brains have challenges dealing with complexities. When we hear that an Earthquake on the Iran/Iraq border killed thousands, we resolve to stay away from earthquakes or Iran.  But earthquakes… Read More »

Exploring South of Netalzul

Once upon a time, when I was working as a prospector, I arrived by helicopter at a camp northwest of Lake Babine, 80 kilometers or more from any highway. Just two of us were there. It was an almost completely forested area, flat, with many mountains nearby; it was just south of the Netalzul Mountains. I… Read More »

Haida Gwaii Final Days

There was more to Haida Gwaii than the ruins of the Haida villages like SGang Gwaay.  We also visited Tanu (T’aanuu llnagaay) the burial place of well known Haida artist, Bill Reid.  We also visited Skedans (Koona Llnaagay which means “Village at the Edge” – note the word for village is sometime written llanagaay, llnagaay, llnaagay because Haida is essentially an… Read More »